9 Jobs Tech Experts Predict Will Be Automated By 2030


  As artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have advanced, human labor is no longer necessary for certain tasks in the workplace. While it’s a trend that worries some, tech advocates say automation will free human workers up to tackle more impactful and creative strategic projects. Of course, some jobs are more easily transitioned […]

Top 6 Tech Industry Trends


#1. CLOUD COMPUTING AND MOBILE DEVICES Nowadays most people connect to the cloud wirelessly through their smartphones and tablets — a trend that closely links cloud and mobile technologies. Cloud software could represent almost half of all spending on applications by 2021 as tech users migrate to remote servers 3 in order to reduce their […]

Facebook Messenger lets games monetize with purchases and ads


Facebook is finally giving developers a reason to build games for Messenger while also opening a new revenue stream for the chat app. After launching HTML5 ‘Instant Games’ inside Messenger, like Pac-Man, Space Invaders and Words With Friends Frenzy in November 2016, today Facebook is allowing developers to add in-app purchases as well as interstitial […]

Facebook Stories reveals 150M daily viewers and here come ads


After 14 months of silence since launching, Facebook Stories has finally announced a 150 million daily active user count for its Snapchat Stories clone. And now it’s time to earn some money off it. Facebook Stories will start testing its first ads today in the U.S., Mexico and Brazil. They’re 5- to 15-second video ads […]

Google Puts Nail In The Coffin For Old Version Of Analytics, Places Emphasis On Real Time


In a move that struck fear in the hearts of under-educated web editors everywhere, Google announced today that it will remove the old version of Google Analytics tomorrow. After releasing a new version focused on real time analytics in September, Google has kept a link to the old version, which it has supported, at the […]

Sheryl Sandberg: Breaking up Facebook won’t fix social media


Facebook is doing the hard work necessary to protect elections and your privacy. That’s the message from Sheryl Sandberg in interviews with CBS This Morning and CNBC on Friday. Sandberg, the social network’s chief operating officer, told CBS This Morning that earning back people’s trust will be hard, but that she and CEO Mark Zuckerberg […]

Post Intelligence

Post Intelligence says it can make your tweets better


Social media can be hard. I’m not speaking hypothetically here. There have definitely been days where I’ve thought, Shoot, it’s been way too long since I’ve posted on Instagram or Twitter — and then completely failed to post anyway because I had nothing to say. Maybe I would’ve done better if I’d used Post Intelligence. […]


Uber and Grab fined $9.5 million for ‘mergers that harm competition’


The time has come for Uber and Grab to face the wrath of Singapore’s competition regulator. The Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (CCCS) has fined the ride-hailers a combined S$13 million ($9.5 million) over the Uber-Grab merger deemed to have hurt competition in the country’s ride-hailing market, Channel NewsAsia reported Sunday. Individually, Uber was fined […]


Tumblr Rolls Out Mobile App Install Ads In The Form Of Shareable Sponsored Posts


Tumblr this morning is rolling a new mobile-only ad unit called “Tumblr Sponsored Apps” which will allow app publishers to target the social blogging service’s largely Millennial (and heavily mobile) audience with creative posts designed to drive users to the iTunes App Store and Google Play to download new applications. App install ads, as these units are commonly called, […]

eMarketer Twitter Ad Revenue

In Exchange For Help Juicing Sales, Twitter And LinkedIn’s Ads APIs Share The Wealth


Tech companies try to stay lean. They don’t want to hire too many sales people, and they can’t build the perfect advertising tool for every buyer. So following in Google and Facebook’s footsteps, today Twitter and in November LinkedIn launched ads APIs. They set up a powerful value exchange: “Help us sell more ads, and we’ll give you […]